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It's hard to navigate the health and fitness world.  Oh Hay! makes the process seamless and unbiased. We will match you with a professional based on your unique preferences and needs. We want everyone to learn about all options so they can stay awesome. 

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Ever feel like getting healthy is like trying to find a needle in a haystack? Yeah, us too. The wellness world is complicated, especially for women. We’re constantly bombarded with options and trends and conflicting info and fitspo pictures all over the Internet. We (👋Katie & Emily) want to change that. We are creating a female-empowered, body-positive environment for our members that is a refreshing, simplified alternative to the overwhelming info and options out there.

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First, take a 10 question quiz: we promise, it’s kind of fun, completely confidential, and it will help us match you with a team of professionals suited to your personality and your goals. BTW at Oh Hay!, a “goal” is anything you want it to be -- increasing energy, managing stress, kicking a sweet tooth habit, building muscle, PR-ing your next race, losing weight, or getting your family to eat more veggies.

Your quiz results are used to curate a team of wellness professionals specifically for you -- from fitness to nutrition to healing services. You will not get a giant list of personal trainers, and we will never recommend services that don’t fit your goals or interests. The list will be short and sweet filled with pros that we’re confident will help you along your health journey, and that will gel with your personality.

Next, choose professionals you want to work with from your curated team. Communication is all done safely through our site and you only pay once you book a service directly with the pro of your choice. Pros are vetted through an ID verification process and background check -- our matches are all done with safety, care, and expertise in mind.